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You can call me 'P' (short for Priscilla)
I've been a freelance Personal Stylist since about 2015 after years of styling friends and family.

I mostly work in the Personal Styling and Event Styling space which I love, but my speciality is and always has been Global Online Styling.

I travel a lot, but when I was first starting out styling, I noticed that so many of the people I connected with felt like they were limited to finding an in-person stylist and the entire prospect of this process was a little daunting and left them feeling particularly vulnerable.

As a solution, I began FaceTiming and Zoom meetings with clients, so that it didn’t matter which country or state we were in, but also so that we could connect and work together in the comfort and privacy of their own home, with a cup of tea, glass of wine, or if you're like me - Gin!

Being in a familiar environment seemed to instantly put clients at ease in a place that was much easier for them to relax, be themselves and build a really meaningful relationship.

As a stylist, the fashion is really only a portion of my role.
The most important part of what I do, is to give you a safe space where you can unload your vulnerabilities and insecurities to someone who will not only hold and protect them for you; but give you the knowledge and tools to improve the way you see and feel about yourself into confidence, happiness and excitement! 

Take a look around, explore my site, and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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I'm Here To Help!

No matter what look you’re going for, I’m here to help you pull it off.
Let’s work together to create the most stunning version of yourself. 


Enjoy a relaxed conversation while we discuss:

  1. where you're currently at style wise,

  2. the challenges you may be facing when dressing or shopping for your shape,

  3. your individual personal style and how you’d like to be perceived

  4. your true body shape and strategies on dressing and shopping with confidence and ease

What you’ll learn: Discover and understand your true body shape and the strategies that apply specifically to you on how to correctly dress to enhance all your best features, camouflage the elements you don’t like and shop with confidence and efficiency. 

Style consultations are billed in 1 x hour increments 



In the comfort of your own home via facetime or zoom, we will:

  1.  Undertake a comprehensive analysis of what is currently in your wardrobe

  2.  Identify the items that are successful and why they work best for you

  3.  Identify items that are unsuccessful and why they don’t work for you to prevent you from purchasing in future

  4.  Identifying something I refer to as 'garment gaps'. These are versatile items that should be added to your wardrobe to build a strong foundation and maximise your outfit options in future.

Prices are billed in 2 x hour increments 
* If required, additional hours can be purchased



Through an easy assessment process, we will determine your colour tone  and the colour season which corresponds with your complexion and skin tone. 


In addition, you’ll be provided with a colour reference board containing:

  1. Explanations on the elements of your complexion and how we determined your tone and season

  2. A swatch of all the best colours for you to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe

  3. Tips and strategies on how to wear and incorporate your best colours 

  4. Advice on specific colours for you that may not do you justice and are best avoided where possible!



Receive a tailored list of versatile items to purchase in future that will fill those ‘garment gaps’ in your wardrobe to really maximise the number of outfits you can create. Your list includes the items (where appropriate - multiple options), the best stores to purchase from and discounts that may be available at the time.

Your tailored shopping list will also include:

  • tips to cut your shopping time, eliminate the feeling of being overwhelmed, foolproof your online purchasing and avoid being stuck with items that aren’t right. 

Standard shopping lists are up to x 15 items. Customised lists are available upon request.
Please note: A wardrobe Audit is required prior to being able to undertake this service



Feel confident and at ease with your own curated looks from your wardrobe without the frustration and stress of needing to remember everything you’ve learned or work it out on your own. 

Digital look boards provide you with instant, ready-to-go outfits paired with instructions on how to wear and re-wear, as well as alternative options and versions of each look. Keep them on any device for quick and easy reference

Package contains a standard set of 6 x look boards 

*Extra look boards are available for purchase for an additional cost

Please note: A wardrobe Audit is required prior to being able to undertake this service



Do you have a special occasion or event coming up? 
Save yourself the time, stress and disappointment of combing through stores and let me do the sourcing for you.


Receive a head to toe look of items sourced specifically for you to purchase, paired with a digital look board containing the garments for your event, instructions on exactly how to wear and helpful style tips to perfect everything on the day. 

It's a little like having a stylist in your pocket!

Pricing: Rates vary based on event  and new/existing client requirements . 
Packages available upon request for events that require multiple looks

Please get in touch to discuss. 
*Conditions apply. 

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